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State-of-the-art technological solutions for the Natural Stone, Ceramic and Quartz industries.


With over sixty years of experience, Tenax is a leader in industrial processing, offering a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art solutions that can assist customers at every processing stage.

TENAX is organized to effectively address the unique requirements of the Natural Stone, Ceramic, and Quartz Industries, with specialized product lines that can rapidly respond to market developments and customization requests.

Mastics, resins, abrasives, surface treatments and tools tailored to ensure optimal performance, improve processing, and enhance material qualities.

Natural stone

From quarry to slab: enhancing natural stone over time.
Discover our tailored solutions.


Innovative solutions to reinforce quarry fronts, banks on the ground and fractured blocks for waste reduction.

Resin coating

Latest generation epoxy systems formulated to remedy, beautify and reinforce stone materials.


Our advanced tools are specifically designed to provide the highest level of quality and productivity in polishing.

Grouting process

We offer a variety of mastics that are specially formulated for grouting lines, ensuring excellent adhesion and minimal shrinkage.

Protection and Finishing

We provide a wide range of end-of-line treatments developed to enhance the beauty of slabs and preserve their appearance over time.


Exceptional results on sought-after finishes.
Discover our tailored solutions.


We provide a complete range of tools that are designed to ensure maximum performance on the entire polishing line, from squaring to surface finishing.

Grouting process

Polyester resins formulated for UV grouting of holes on quartz and marble agglomerates.


Exceptional end-of-line results.
Discover our tailored solutions.


We offer a complete line of tools that are designed to deliver optimal performance across the entire lapping process.


Our latest-generation tools are engineered to provide superior value in terms of both removal capacity and finishing quality.


We offer protective treatments that are formulated to preserve the beauty of materials over time, protecting them from staining agents.

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