Hey, it’s us. The new Tenax.

A sector that continues to evolve needs players who can adapt to change. This is why Marmomac 2023 seems like the perfect platform to introduce Tenax’s new identity: a sneak preview that anticipates our strategy, closely tied to innovation and a drive to become the partner of choice in surface treatments.

New Identity

Bringing surfaces to another level. From 1956

A position that boldly declares our intentions.

Radical, direct, inclusive: a prompt that urges customers, partners and stakeholders to blaze a new path side by side, elevating surface treatments to the next level.

A new chapter in the history of the Tenax brand.

Which principles are guiding this transformation?

  • Change as an engine driving the company and the sector while we stay faithful to the values that made our brand’s history.
  • Writing the new corporate charter with a robust position, a mission, a vision and a unique design system.
  • Including new partners, customers, suppliers and stakeholders.
  • Proclaiming a revamped brand attitude oriented to the future.

An icon that excites us

We revolutionized our design, creating a logo that fuses the letters T and X to yield an innovative meeting point as well as a dynamic point of departure to reinterpret our values in a new shape.

See for yourself

A logo with a contemporary feel, clean but distinctive.

Tone of voice: authoritative, solid, Tenax.

We are taking on the surface treatment sector with the same authority and experience as ever. Solid, never self-referential and always open to the future.

We are more than blue. 

Tenax blue takes the lead, marshaling a color palette that identifies the range of products and solutions that complement blue and have been proven to be aesthetically consistent.


Legible, adaptable, evergreen.

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