Innovate with us

We work with customers to provide technological and innovative solutions for processing natural stone, quartz, and ceramics.

Tenax has been a leading provider of research, technology and innovation for the NATURAL STONE, CERAMIC and QUARTZ surfaces sector for over 65 years.

The company offers effective solutions for the entire supply chain, from industrial production to transformation, construction, and maintenance, through its INDUSTRIAL and PROFESSIONAL divisions.

Tenax is a renowned Italian company that was established in 1956. It has grown substantially over the years and is now present in more than 100 countries worldwide.

The company is well-known internationally for producing high-quality mastics, epoxy systems, surface treatments and abrasives.

With 6 branches across 4 continents and a team of experienced specialists, Tenax is committed to helping professionals and businesses achieve their objectives.

Plants and branches


Countries covered

100+ +

Customers served

3000+ +


250+ +

Sales Network

Tenax has a widespread sales network that is well-equipped to meet customer’s needs through a deep understanding of the markets and their unique requirements.

By actively listening, fostering strong relationships, and engaging in direct discussions, Tenax collaborates with its partners to achieve excellent outcomes and foster growth.

Technical support

Our technical support team is reliable, highly specialized, and ready to work with customers to develop effective solutions in both the industrial and professional world. We provide global service and have qualified technicians available to assist with product selection, training and start-up of new plants

Research, Development and Innovation

Working with natural stone, quartz, and ceramic surfaces requires extensive knowledge of materials and innovative technology. At Tenax, we pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of both areas to provide our customers with the most effective solutions.

Ongoing research and experimentation allow Tenax to offer products that meet and anticipate market needs. Our team of skilled researchers and specialists work tirelessly in our laboratories to develop top-of-the-line products in terms of functionality, innovation and quality

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