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Choose a system without limiting yourself to a single product

Tenax offers a continuously expanding range of products to construction industry professionals.
Territories and markets, even extremely different, lead the group to constantly expand its range to meet the specific needs of any material.
Over 60 years of experience in surface processing and protection allow us to provide not only high-performance products but true systems designed to meet building needs in every application phase.

Care Products

Attention to maintenance holds an increasingly more essential role in the building design and management phases. Learn more

Attention to maintenance holds an increasingly more essential role in the building design and management phases.

Designers (architects, interior designers, designers, etc.) are required, in fact, to estimate the methods and the costs of the routine and the extraordinary maintenance for their creations starting from the design phase.

The end customers in fact (owners) assess the purchase of a buildings also based on the complexity of surface cleaning and maintenance requirements over time.

Installers (layers, floor layers, etc.) use and thus recommend the products they trust on the construction site and that can be easily identified by their intended use.

It is thus essential the information and the easy identification of the right product or system to be used on each specific need.

The availability of the products is as important as the information and depends on distributors (wholesalers, construction material distributors, cladding material distributors, mass distribution, etc.) who select products that can meet both the needs of professional installers (layers, floor layers, etc.) and end customers.

TENAX distributors are the first level of training for customers. For this reason, the TENAX SYSTEMS manual was conceived, as a flexible and easy to read tool to help understand the features of the various TENAX range products and make the right choice based on individual needs

The Choice

Selecting a product/process depends on numerous factors Learn more

Selecting a product/process depends on numerous factors:


  • Public rooms / Private rooms
  • Indoors / outdoors
  • Flooring / cladding / furnishing
  • Specific areas of the home (i.e. kitchen, bathroom, shower, stairs, etc.)


  • Small surfaces (furniture or counter tops)
  • Small/medium sized rooms
  • Large rooms and flooring
  • Cladding (wall)


  • Nature of the material (marble, granite, onyx, travertine, quartzite, ceramics, quartz, cement, etc.)
  • Finishing (glossy, sanded, brushed, flamed material, etc.)


  • Aesthetic effects to be obtained
  • Performance
  • Solution to specific problems

The Phases

To help the consumer choose the best Tenax system and product, the main processing phases are provided below... Learn more

To help the consumer choose the best Tenax system and product, the main processing phases are provided below, briefly indicating the advantages of using specifically designed products



Pre-installation protection is a key step for porous materials which, if their back and 4 sides are not protected, may generate stains that emerge from the back and stick to the material mass, thus hard to remove later. For that reason a specific waterproofing agent must be used before installation.



Regardless of the material installed, accurate post-installation cleaning is essential to remove any cement power or other residues which, if not removed, could facilitate "traffic" dirt adhesion (pedestrian traffic), quickly creating a layer of dirt that is hard to remove without specific detergents.



Protection is a key step in preventing oil, grease, wine, coffee, rust, water, mould and moss stains as well as material discolouring. TENAX provides both a complete range of water-based products, the more environmentally-friendly line, and solvent-based products, characterised by excellent performance and durability. TENAX protection products are penetration waterproofing products and thus do not alter the material's natural breathability and slip resistance, and comes in two types:

  • Water-repellent and water-oil repellent products with natural effect
  • Water-oil repellent colour enhancing protection that highlight the material's natural grain


Ordinary or daily maintenance is extremely important to guarantee the technical and aesthetic performance durability. It is essential to use products that:

  • Respect the material and the finishing, in daily care
  • Respect treatment applied to the material
  • Do not leave greasy or waxy residues


Extraordinary maintenance is, by name, maintenance that is only performed in specific use or dirt conditions to restore the material's technical and aesthetic performance to their original state. Even in this case, you should use products that:

  • Respect the material and finishing
  • Are not particularly aggressive and are targeted to solve the problem
  • Respect the treatment applied to the material. It is important not dirt in the long-term

Focus: Protection

To preserve material beauty over time, avoiding problems due to mould, humidity and stains, TENAX offers a complete range of penetrating protective products... Learn more

To preserve material beauty over time, avoiding problems due to mould, humidity and stains, TENAX offers a complete range of penetrating protective products. These treatments enter the open pores on the surfaces where they create a chemical bond with the material, repelling liquid substances while allowing water, in gaseous form, to move through the support.

These products do not "block" the material pores but reject liquids: water, in gaseous form, is still free to move through the surfaces, allowing the material to naturally "breathe". It is the best technology available to protect against stains while preserving the natural aspect and integrity of the surface.

Penetrating protective products do not make surfaces immune to stains but are highly effective in significantly decreasing cleaning frequency without risking permanent damages and facilitating all daily cleaning operations



Intended to protect material against absorbing water and rain, thus preventing high humidity in materials that generates phenomenon such as mould, moss and algae. It is an excellent protection for outdoors and areas with significant amounts of water.



This protection is used in areas where there is a greater potential of greasy or organic stains. For example, in areas used for barbecues, in pedestrian areas near pools, car parks, kitchens, shower rooms, etc..

Tenax System Guide

To help you choose the right product, TENAX has create simple reference sheets for each type of material. Learn more

sheet material

The products suggested in the TENAX Material Sheets are the result of a selection from the wide product range. Based on the specific properties of the material to be treated, TENAX suggests one or more products. It is also true that the versatility of all TENAX products lets you also effectively treat materials and surfaces for which they were not specifically designed.

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