Data: 27/08/2016


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Water clare flowing epoxy system specifically designed for all aspects of countertop laminations.
Epoxy glue with honey like viscosity. It is suggested to glue and laminate marble, granite and agglomerate. It is also used to glue fix bolts, anchors and similar metal items on natural stone and to mend natural stone.
it has a medium pot life which enable, Its use even in hot weather conditions. STRONG EDGE has a excellent adhesion on all natural stone and good adhesion on metals. Good the reactivity on low temperature. STRONG EDGE could be coloured with metal oxides or colouring paste for epoxy resin like TEPOX. STRONG EDGE is for indoor and outdoor application.




Instrucions of use
The glue and hardener must be kept on the original cans .
On the automatic dosing pump, avoid the contact with metals made of copper, brass o similar metals which may rust. Avoid the use of plastic made of PVC, do use only plastic liquid corrosive resistance.
Take out from the two containers the required amounts in weight of the two components. During the mixing use clean tools.
Ensure that the stone to be treated with the resin is completely dry and clean.
In case of automatic dosing pumps, we suggest to verify the ratio every day.
To clean the tools, we suggest to use aromatic and light solvent, like acetone and butyl acetate.
Use safety gloves and safety glasses during the work (see the safety data sheet).
Close the cans after the usage, avoid the long exposure on the air.

Safety rules
Resin and hardener are chemical products, please read the safety data sheet before usage and the rules written on the label on the tins/drums.